Mountain States Construction Company - Tri-County Water Hydropower Project

Tri-County Water Hydropower Project

8.0 MW Hydroelectric Facility

Montrose, Co

The powerhouse is located at the base of the Ridgeway Dam between the emergency spillway and river outlet works and includes bifurcation and connection to an existing 64” outlet pipe and 24” bypass outlet pipe.  A 72” diameter penstock and a 32” diameter penstock deliver water from the bifurcations to the existing outlet pipes to the powerhouse.

The powerhouse houses two Turbine Generator Units, a 7.2 MW unit and a 0.8 MW unit.

The project also included complete mechanical and electrical auxiliaries, substation, 115kV transmission line, electrical components, transformers, switch-gears, control systems and associated equipment.

This project was completed under an EPC format.

Owner: Tri-County Water Conservancy District

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