Mountain States Construction Company - Job Safety


In the early 1990's Mountain States took on an aggressive stance on construction safety issues and began a drive to create a culture of "safety first" throughout the company structure. An immediate turn-around in company attitudes and work experience allowed our safety experience factor to improve significantly from 1993 to the present time.

Mountain States is an active member of the Associated General Contractors of Washington Safety Team. Each year we go through an extensive auditing process taking a proactive approach in order to ensure our safety standards and procedures exceed industry requirements.

We believe safety awareness does not only belong on the job, but at home with our families as well. The safety team at Mountain States is continually looking for new and improved methods for raising awareness throughout the company structure. Each year employees are awarded for their efforts and ability to prevent incidents. An extensive list has grown including individuals with zero incident safety records beyond 15+ years. Through our awards program we are able to show our appreciation and acknowledge individual efforts and contributions to the program.

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