Mountain States Construction Company - YCH Hops (Yakima Chief)

YCH Hops (Yakima Chief)


Mountain States and Yakima Chief have had a working relationship since the 90’s.  Over that time, we have constructed on the 14 acre site a total of 218,460 sf  which consists of 25,200 sf of CO2 extract operations area which handles nearly a quarter of the world’s hop production, a two-story 3,600 sf attached office building, a 76,000 sf  of refrigerated  finished  storage warehouse with an upstairs office and loading dock, and a 195,000 sf refrigerated baled hop storage.  Mountain States also takes care of small maintenance and upgrade projects for YCH at both their Yakima and Sunnyside locations.  This overall development is designed by Mountain States to expand with an additional 70,000 sf of support facilities.

Design/Build Construction by Mountain States.

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Construction made with Invisible Ink