Mountain States Construction Company - Waterbrook Winery

Waterbrook Winery

Walla Walla, WA

Waterbrook Winery is owned by Seattle based Precept Wine, who is the largest privately held wine producer in the state of Washington.  Our relationship with Precept began in 2008 with the inception of this master planned development.  The project included master site planning of a 35 Acre development that included a 55,000 sf Wine Production Facility, 54,000 sf Case Good Storage / Bottling / Shipping Building, 5,200 sf Tasting Room, and 2,300 sf Bungalow/Residence.

Located outside of the City of Walla limits, city services were not available to this development.  Mountain States handled all design and permitting of domestic water (via well), domestic waste water (on-site septic & drain-field), on site fire suppression water source (fire pond with pump station w/ auxiliary water supply), and process waste water (winery waste water evaporation ponds).

Our relationship with the team at Precept Wine continues to this day.

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