Mountain States Construction Company - Oregon Coast Aquarium - Killer Whale Habitat

Oregon Coast Aquarium - Killer Whale Habitat

Newport, OR

In order to relocate the Orca named Keiko from his home in Mexico City to Newport, Oregon, a new 2 million gallon rehabilitation tank and supporting treatment system was constructed at the Aquarium. In less than 1 year, the facility was designed and constructed providing Keiko with a new home. The facility included a separate isolated medication and surgery pool, freezer for one-year food storage, a life support system consisting of a 12,500-gpm filtration system, a 200-ton chiller plant, and an Ozone disinfection system, and life support areas. This was a Design/Build project.

Design and Construction by Mountain States

AON Build America Award: National Recognition for Excellence in the Construction Industry. Criteria included state-of-the-art advancement, excellence in project management, innovation in construction techniques or materials, excellence in client service, contribution to the community, meeting the challenge of a difficult job and sensitivity to the environment and surroundings.

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Construction made with Invisible Ink