Mountain States Construction Company - Oord Dairy

Oord Dairy

Milking Parlor
Sunnyside, WA

Oord dairy is a double 50 Parallel parlor designed to milk 3,500 cows. The parlor has automatic deck flush, holding pen flush system and underground sprinkler pen.

This facility has a full basement to keep the milking equipment in a clean dry environment. The holding/drip pen was designed for 400 cows as well as the sprinkler pen. There is a 50,000 gallon concrete water storage tank with attached pump room that stores plate cooler water for fire flow and pumps to the deck flush, water troughs, wash hoses and sprinkler pen.

Attached to the parlor is a milk house, chemical storage, mechanical room with second floor office space,breakroom and generator room.

Design and Construction by Mountain States

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